Standard Line-Lights

Line-Lights are the ideal advertising medium to present your brand. They can also be used as direction indicators.
Line-Lights are customisable. Logos and texts can be engraved and in-filled in colour.
Our Line-Light concept consists of an aluminimium profile with an internally mounted LED light strips and a screen made of scratch-resistant acrylic glas.
The lamps are supplied ready-to-fit with two fixing lugs and  power cable with euro plug. The side flaps close the profile and are available on request.

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RGB Lamps

RGB- LED Lamps in 3 colours: red / yellow / blue

Thanks to an intelligent controller the different colours can be chosen individually.
Sequential programs provide an individual light change. Adjustable programs allow for individual light changes.
Length of RGB lamps: 950mm

Technical Data

Dimensions: The length of the luminaire is dependent on the light source. The height is adjusted to the labeling. 

LED light strips are available in the following lengths and are mutually combinable:
L = 115 / 315 / 615 / 920mm + 35mm for the electrical connection of the light strips.
Minimum length: 350mm
Maximum length: 2950mm
Aluminium profile: height: 52mm thickness: 34mm
Light source: LED white 6000K, waterproof